Stash is an app that lets investors buy exchange traded funds (ETFs) by theme or area of concentration. You can invest $5 and add to that account as you want.

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RealyInvest is a new website and upcoming app that does something no one else does. It is designed to enable beginning investors to actually own bite size pieces of quality commercial real estate - like a Starbucks or Taco Bell restaurant, or a FedEx shipment warehouse. You can open and account and begin investing with $5.

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Robinhood is a free trading app (note: app only, no web investing platform). The idea of Robinhood, like Stash and RealyInvest, is to democratize investment. Robinhood takes it to a new level for stock investors by making trading totally free.

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Another investment app that has become very popular is Stockpile. This innovative platform mixes the old world of retail with the new world of online. You can buy a gift card at any of the stores that sell them and then redeem them online to buy stock.

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This app has become a great success by simply taking change from your transactions and putting it to work investing in portfolios of stock. The idea is a great one that makes it possible for even the smallest investor to begin to own stock. The charge for this is only $1 per month.

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