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RealyInvest allows investors to own fractional shares of commercial real estate

Earn dividends and rental income!

Why commercial real estate?

Premier commercial real estate has historically outperformed the stock market.

See the potential of your budget

Based on a 5% average growth rate per year

$10 / week

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Retire account$34,548 Cash Deposited $15,600 30 yrs

How it Works

Invest in Real Estate

Choose $5 for a REIT share or $20 for a NNN share

We Do the Work

Sit back as RealyInvest collects rent and updates your dashboard

Get Paid

You earn regular dividend and rental income, and any appreciation

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Invest in REITs that reflect your lifestyle

REIT Shares are offered through our GetReal program
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Invest in NNN's and be a landlord to your favorite companies

NNN Asset shares are offered through our GetRealyReal program
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Frequently Asked Questions

When you invest in REIT shares (Get Real) your money will be sent to Apex Clearing Corporation, which purchases and holds the shares for you. When you invest in NNN assets (Get Realy Real), your money is sent to Transfer.ly, a transfer agent. It is then used to buy shares in an actual NNN asset, such as a Starbucks restaurant.

All Get Real investment funds will be held by Apex Clearing Corporation and all Get Realy Real investment funds are held by Transfer.ly until a NNN asset is purchased. Subsequently, your shares are held by Transfer.ly as well.

RealyInvest is a Registered Investment Advisor. This means that RealyInvest has a fiduciary relationship with our investors and must operate with their best interests in mind. RealyInvest will also manage the portfolio of NNN Asset investments on an ongoing basis.

You can buy or sell your Get Real (REIT) shares on a daily basis as they are publicly traded on major securities exchanges. NNN Asset shares (Get Realy Real) are designed to be held for the term of the tenant lease, usually ten years, at which time RealyInvest will get a new lease, sell the asset, and distribute any profits. This is a more long-term investment idea.

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