Make every discussion livelier and more interesting - without losing your sanity!

Say goodbye to
boring conversations

Are they talking about the weather for the nth time?
Pop out the 2 Minute Rule app and get ready to talk about
more interesting topics in 2 minutes or less!

It’s ridiculously easy

2 Minute Rule is easy to use. Jump in, pick a category, and
let the conversation begin.

Never the same old topics

We all know how painfully awkward it is to start
conversations. That’s why the 2 Minute Rule always adds new topics and scenarios for you to talk about.

Record own 2 Minute Rule

You can even record your own 2 Minute Rule to play
whenever you need it. You’ll always be there to remind
your friends to keep it under 2 Minutes or less!

Want more?
boring conversations

We’re not content with just giving you topics to talk about
so we’ve decided to produce a podcast for you to enjoy!

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