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Our Services

We create high-quality mobile app videos for different categories, across multiple platforms. We specialize in the following areas: App Preview Video, App Motion Design, Live Action App Video

App Preview Video

Minimum starting price

$ 800
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  • Give the world a sneak peek of your app’s main functions and special features. Only recommended for iOS (Apple) apps. Choose from our Basic Package or Premium Package.

App Motion Design

Minimum starting price

$ 1,300
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  • Familiarize new users to your app through an effective video tutorial as soon as they open it. Choose from our Basic Package or Premium Package.

Live Action App Video

Minimum starting price

$ 1,600
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  • Promote in a live-action video! It’s a great way to show your app being used in real-life situations and contexts.
  • Packshot - We shoot your app showing real hands using different devices.
  • On-Set Video - Shot at different locations using actors, this is the ideal way to show how your app being used in real life.

We’d love to know more about your app. Your project brief will help us give you an appropriate price quote.

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Our Process

Our timeline and process could differ for each project. But you can be sure that you’ll only get the best video that will put your app in the best light and capture your audience’s attention,

You can expect our typical process to look like this:


Initial consultation

Research and discovery

Proposal from our team


Prepare and finalize script

Prepare and finalize storyboard

Preparation for production

Meeting with client


Video creation

For live action videos, shooting footage


Editing and polishing

Feedback from client


Distribution to multiple platforms

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