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ProtectCare: Fast Facts

ProtectCare of America has developed an app that provides a platform for transmitting a patient's vital signs in real time to their primary care physician and his/her electronic medical records.

If these vital signs are abnormal, a patent pending alert system is triggered which then sends these values to ProtectCare’s physicians. In that way, care can be initiated for patients who exhibit these abnormal vital signs. Therefore, lives will be saved and this will decrease the number of emergency visits and unnecessary readmissions to the hospital.

Key Highlights

Live monitoring solutions so that ProtectCare can save lives, initiate care, and prevent ER visits and unnecessary visits to the hospital.

This early warning system will save money for Medicare, Medicaid and other health insurance companies.

Lives will be saved and corrective medical care will be initiated, improving patients quality of life.


14 minutes of every 20 minute in office visit

are used to complete the patient encounter.


Daily Monitoring

ProtectCare technology provides patients with eight devices and a linked tablet for a complete aggregation of vital sign data that can be taken 1-2 times per day and transmitted via Bluetooth technology to a dashboard on the cloud. This system has been developed to include normal vital signs and lab values. Any abnormality will trigger an alert that will then lead to corrective action being taken.

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ProtectCare technology provides insurers and health systems with the tools they need to enhance patient outcomes. Let’s talk about how: